What is Power Soccer?

POWERSOCCER is soccer played by individuals who use powerchairs, with an attached customized footguard used to “kick” the soccer ball. This unique team sport that is played world wide has 4 players to a side including the goal keeper with two 20 minutes periods.

Powersoccer has been adapted for powerchair users with severe physical impairments such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, head trauma, stroke, and other disabilities. Anyone can play powersoccer including those who are trached and vented, use head control, chin control or foot control.


Founded in 1976, SportAbility is a registered charity (1982) which provides physical activity programs for individuals with a disability across British Columbia, Canada. SportAbility offers programs in four sports including Sledge Hockey, Boccia, Power Soccer, and 7 A-Side Soccer at both recreational and competitive levels.

SportAbility is a non-profit, volunteer-driven association whose goal is to create a fun and safe social environment for athletes with a disability, who are either being introduced to an activity for the first time, or competing at an international level.

SportAbility is a multi-sport society that ensures and facilitates opportunities in physical activity and sport. We enable all British Columbians who have a physical disability to enhance their quality of life by being active in their community and beyond.


Get Involved



Get involved as a player!

Vancouver Power Soccer practice times:

Sundays, 5:30 – 7:30pm at Killarney Community Centre

Contact: Margaret McLeod

For additional Power Soccer programs throughout British Columbia, visit the SportAbility website.


Anyone who would like the opportunity to volunteer and to enrich the lives of people with limited mobility can help with coaching, refereeing, fundraising, recruiting, marketing, web design, and administration.


Keep an eye on our website to hear about attending upcoming tournaments as a spectator and participating in our fundraisers.


Any contribution will be appreciated to the players to help with gym rental, sports equipment, transportation, medical equipment rentals, training costs, registration fees, caregivers, etc.


For more information on Vancouver Power Soccer programs and to get involved: