POWERSOCCER is soccer played by individuals who use powerchairs, with an attached customized footguard used to "kick" the soccer ball. This unique team sport that is played world wide has 4 players to a side including the goal keeper with two 20 minutes periods. Powersoccer has been adapted for powerchair users with severe physical impairments such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, head trauma, stroke, and other disabilities. Anyone can play powersoccer including those who are trached and vented, use head control, chin control or foot control.



Powersoccer is a fun activity in which participants are able to join a recreational or competitive team.



It is an inclusive adaptive sport that is played by individuals of all ages, genders and abilities that use a power wheelchair.



Powersoccer is a safe and regulated sport that parallels the outdoor game of soccer but instead is played in a indoor gym.


For many of our players, powersoccer is not just a sport, it's a way of life and the practices are their highlight of the week to connect with friends. With the speed of their chairs and the wind in their hair the players can experience full control and focus on their ability on the court.

Why Play Powersoccer?       

Meet new people


Have fun

Develop new skills

Gain confidences

Promote health and well-being

Learn teamwork

Build communication skills

Play locally or globally

Connect with other peers and families

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"Powerchair Sports are exercise too"

By Muscular Dystrophy Association

"The Empowering Sport of Power Soccer"

By Michael Jeffress, Author of "Communication, Sport and Disability: The Case of Power Soccer"



Powerchair users who would like to play Powersoccer, please contact the Team rep in your area to find out how to get started.


Anyone who would like the opportunity to volunteer and to enrich the lives of people with limited mobility can help by coaching, refereeing, fundraising, recruiting, marketing, website design, and administration.


Attend tournaments as a spectator and participate in fundraisers


Any contribution will be appreciated to the players to help with gym rental, sports equipment, transportation, medical equipment rentals, training costs, registration fees, caregivers, etc.